What is LDL Cholesterol Level?

What is LDL Cholesterol Level: The protein complex of fat in the blood is called lipo-protein. The two major types of lipoproteins are LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). LDL cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is not soluble in blood. The accumulation of LDL in the walls of the arteries leads to blockage in the arteries, and later it causes a heart attack.

What is LDL Cholesterol Level?

Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is considered to be the most harmful. It is produced by the liver, which carries fat from the liver to other parts of the body such as muscles, tissues, senses and the heart. It is very important that the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body is low. In the case of excess, it starts to freeze on the walls of the blood vessels.

What is LDL Cholesterol Level?

In such a situation, the risk of heart attack increases. LDL cholesterol levels in the body should be less than 100 ml / dL. If LDL cholesterol is high in the body, it gradually accumulates in the inner walls of the arteries that carry blood to the heart and brain. If a clot obstructs a severely narrowed artery, it may cause a heart attack or stroke. Getting your LDL cholesterol checked helps to know your heart disease risk. If your LDL cholesterol is high, timely and correct treatment can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.

1. High LDL Effect

When LDL is high in your body, the risk of heart attack and stroke also increases. When plaque accumulates on the artery walls, there is a favorable condition for blood clots to form. For this reason, heart attacks and strokes occur. If you smoke or you have had a past heart attack or if you have metabolic syndrome or diabetes, you are most at risk.

2. LDL Level

LDL levels may also depend to some extent on your risk factors for heart disease. For example, if you have diabetes, then your optimal LDL level will be lower than the person who does not have diabetes. If you are at a higher risk, the optimal level for your LDL will be 100 milligrams of tithe per liter.

3. LDL and Cholesterol

LDL should always be there in your body, but when its quantity becomes high then problems start. This type of cholesterol can accumulate on the inner walls of your arteries. And over time a substance called plaque can build up that gets deposited in the artery walls and makes them narrower and less flexible. This condition is dangerous because blood reaches the heart and brain through these arteries.

4. How to Reduce LDL

Many types of foods should be included in the diet to reduce cholesterol. Cholesterol levels are not reduced by eating only a few select foods. The regular workout should also be included in the lifestyle. A healthy person needs about three grams of beta-glucan per day.

If one bowl of oats or two slices of oats bread is consumed daily, then our body gets a sufficient amount of beta-glucan. Apart from this, a balanced amount of dry fruits, garlic, oats, soybeans, pulses, lemon, and olive oil should be consumed.

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