Symptoms of Cancer

Symptoms of Cancer: In our daily routine, we do many types of physical tasks, which have an effect on the body. But some effects persist for long, which we ignore. But do you know that the symptoms of cancer can also be hidden in them? So let’s know about some similar symptoms of cancer:-

Symptoms of Cancer

Symptoms of Cancer

#1. Unnecessary Weight Loss

If you suddenly lose weight without any reason, do not ignore it. This can be a warning of colon cancer. Not only this, but it can also be responsible for cancer of the digestive system. Apart from this, there can be unnecessary weight loss, liver cancer symptoms. This, besides affecting your appetite, also affects the body’s ability to flush out waste materials.

#2. Abscess or Lump

If you have an abscess, lump or several layers of skin, which have gathered in one place, if you are unable to recover despite treatment, then take it seriously. It can also be skin cancer. Which can be of many types.

#3. Hip or Abdominal Pain

Pain in the hip or lower abdomen is also not common in any way. Swelling, cramps, and uterine cancer can occur in a short period of time when you have abdominal pain. In addition, leukemia can cause abdominal pain due to increased spleen.

#4. Weakness

General weakness and fatigue are among the symptoms of many types of cancer. Also, if you feel tired without any reason, even after full sleep and rest, do not ignore it at all.

#5. Excessive Fatigue

Excessive fatigue in the body can cause disturbances in blood platelets or red blood cells, leading to the risk of leukemia. Do not ignore it when this happens.

#6. Nipple Changes

A sudden change in the shape of the nipple can be the cause of breast cancer. Including nipple flatness or downward or sideward twisting. If this happens, do not ignore it at all.

#7. Trouble in Periods

Extreme menstrual pain and untimely bleeding can be a symptom of vaginal cancer. In such a situation, get a transvaginal ultrasound done with the advice of a doctor.

#8. Phlegm and Chest Pain

Prolonged phlegm and chest pain pose a risk of leukemia as well as many types of cancer. It can also be a symptom of lung tumors or bronchitis. Chest pain due to lung cancer persists in the shoulders and arms as well.

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