How to Remove Dark Spots on Face Fast

How to Remove Dark Spots on Face Fast: You all know that the blond face looks good and attractive. But when dark spots appear on the white face, then it looks like an eclipse on it. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun, due to pollution, aging, changes in hormones, the skin of the face becomes lifeless, and dark spots appear on it.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Face Fast

Although there are many types of cosmetic treatment to get rid of it, through some home remedies, you can also enhance your beauty-

How to Remove Dark Spots on Face Fast

1. Honey

Apply honey as a paste or make a paste with anything else, it helps to bring out the dead cells of the skin and bring to the beauty. In addition, the enzyme in honey also helps in making the skin soft and attractive. If your skin is sensitive, try using it on the first hand and only then apply it on the face.

How to Use:

In a bowl take lemon juice or olive oil as per need. Add a little honey and make a paste. Then apply the paste on the face. You will feel the freshness in your skin.

Soak and grind the almonds according to need. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and milk to it. After that add a little honey and make a paste well. Apply the paste on the face and wash it with water after drying.

2. Orange

Like lemon, orange juice also has the property of bleaching which helps in removing dark spots.

How to Use:

Take two tablespoons of orange juice in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric and mix it well. Apply this paste well on the face at night before bed and wash it with lukewarm water the next morning.

3. Milk

The lactic acid in milk helps a lot in removing dark spots.

How to Use:

Soak cotton balls in milk and apply it to the dark spots area before going to bed at night. Leave it overnight. The next morning wash it with lukewarm water.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel has countless benefits which also helps in improving the skin.

How to Use:

Cut out the leaves of aloe vera and remove the gel. Apply the gel to the dark spots area. Wash with water after thirty minutes.

5. Yogurt

Curd is made of milk, so it also contains lactic acid, which acts as a bleaching agent.

How to Use:

Take yogurt in a bowl as per need and add half a lemon juice to it and make a paste. Apply this paste on the spots. After drying, wash with lukewarm water.

6. Lemon Juice

The Lemon is the best bleaching agent which helps a lot in improving the face. Lemon contains ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which act as antioxidants and help in removing the spots of skin from the skin.

How to Use:

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a bowl and soak cotton in it and apply it to the dark spots area. Or you can cut the lemon directly and apply it to the spots. Leave the juice to dry for one hour and then wash it with water. Remember that you do not go in the sun after applying lemon juice.

You can also use lemon juice mixed with other things as a pack. Make a pack by adding three teaspoons lemon juice and one teaspoon turmeric powder in a bowl.

You can also make a pack by mashing two medium-sized tomatoes and adding four tablespoons of lemon juice to it. If you like both of these packs, apply them to the dark spots of the face and leave it for twenty minutes. Wash with water after drying. Gradually, the beauty will return to your face.

Note: The results will be visible only after using these home remedies for at least one month, so make the skin of the face young and attractive without losing patience.

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