14 Proven Health Benefits of Dates (Khajoor)| Organic Facts

14 Proven Health Benefits of Dates (Khajoor)| Organic Facts: Dates are a fruit grown in hot regions. Eating dates with milk or directly is very beneficial. Mostly this dry fruit is eaten in winter. Dates contain protein and fiber. Amino acids are also abundant. This dried fruit also contains a good amount of potassium. Apart from this, there is also magnesium, copper, vitamin B, and C.

It is also a great source of carbohydrates. Dates have sugars that are beneficial. Dates also contain iron which increases blood in the body. The date palm tree is mainly grown in Arab countries. Nowadays it is cultivated in hot areas of India also. If seen in history, the date was the original fruit of Iraq, but very soon it spread all over Arabia. Only the top of this tree bears fruit.

14 Proven Health Benefits of Dates (Khajoor)| Organic Facts

Thousands of years ago, humans came to know about dates i.e. dates and at the same time, they also came to know that palm has amazing medicinal properties and healing power. And this was accepted by science as well. It is believed that the date palm growing on the palm tree originated from Iraq, although the people of Italy claim that they started making wine from the dates long before that.

1. Pregnant Women

Iron-rich dates are very useful for both mother and toddler. The nutritional elements present in the dates also work to strengthen the muscles of the uterus. Dates also provide essential nutrients to the mother’s milk. It also compensates for the bleeding that occurs after the delivery of the child.

2. Anemia

Many people suffer from anemia due to red blood cells and iron deficiency. Anemia means a lack of blood in the body. Plenty of iron is found in dates. In such a situation, it is a panacea for the treatment of anemia. Consumption of dates continuously reduces iron deficiency in the body.

3. Bones

Elements like manganese, selenium, copper, magnesium present in dates are very effective for strengthening your bones. And help protect you from osteoporosis such as bone diseases.

4. Blood Pressure

Magnesium also acts to control blood pressure. Potassium present in dates works to reduce excess blood pressure.

5. Heart Healthy

The fiber present in dates also makes your heart strong and healthy. The dates also contain potassium which can reduce the risk of heart attack to a great extent.

6. Rich in Protein

Excessive protein helps a lot in keeping your muscles strong, that’s why most gym people are advised to eat dates. So if you also want to increase your strength and muscle, then definitely include protein-rich dates in your diet.

7. Digestive System

If you eat dates soaked in water every morning, then the fiber in it helps to improve your digestive system. This is the reason that patients with constipation are advised to eat it.

8. Cholesterol

Cholesterol and even sugar in dates are very low. By adding a small number of dates in your diet daily, you can reduce your cholesterol and keep it balanced and at the same time, it will also help in reducing your weight.

9. Skin Care

The vitamins C and D present in dates prevent your skin from loosening which means they help reduce wrinkles on your face. In addition, they also help in softening your skin as they contain many antioxidants. Its anti-aging properties do not allow melanin to collect in your body, due to which the skin looks clean and beautiful.

10. Cold Cough

Eating dates cures cold and cold. Eating dates increases immunity. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to consume dates in winter.

11. Increases Masculine Power

Some research has revealed that dates are also effective in increasing masculine power. Estradiol and Flavonoid are found in dates which help in increasing the sperm count.

12. Nervous System

Due to the low sodium in dates, it plays a very important role in keeping your nervous system balanced.

13. Iron

In addition to the fluorine needed to keep your teeth healthy, dates also contain iron. It is rich in iron. Iron deficiency can cause many problems in the body, such as anemia, fatigue, etc. It also helps to clean your blood.

14. Source of Vitamins

Vitamins B1, B2, B3, b5 as well as vitamins A and C are found in dates. If you eat dates daily, then there is no need to take vitamin supplements. In addition, the glucose, sucrose, and fructose present in it maintain agility in your body throughout the day.

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