Best Ways To Include More Mint Or Pudina To Your Diet

Best Ways To Include More Mint Or Pudina To Your Diet: Peppermint is considered very beneficial for health. It is also very special because peppermint, which has many medicinal properties, is easily available in the market and also not expensive. The properties are so much that it not only keeps diseases away but also helps a lot in skincare. The scientific name for peppermint is mentha.

It has been used continuously in regular routine due to its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. There are many Mint medicines and products available in the market, apart from its candies, inhalers, tea, it is present in many other forms.

Here are Some Awesome Ways to Add More Mint or Pudina to Your Daily Diet

Adding mint to your daily diet can help prevent many health problems. This not only keeps the digestion system right but also keeps the breath fresh. It also increases immunity and brings a glow to your skin. Consuming it directly can make you bored. But it can be included in different types of food.

Peppermint Nutrients

Mint has many nutrients, due to which it is helpful in curing many diseases. Peppermint not only contains calories, but fiber also contains up to one gram. Apart from Vitamin A, it also contains iron, manganese, and folate. The special thing is that mint can also be grown easily in your home. It can be easily consumed every day by applying mint in your diet. Mint is mainly considered as a source of antioxidants and vitamin A. The antioxidants found in it protect our body from oxidative stress.

Best Ways To Include More Mint Or Pudina To Your Diet

1. Mint Tea

If you are fond of drinking tea, then you can drink it by mixing it in tea. Mint tea is considered better for pregnant women. Drinking its tea provides relaxation.

2. Mint Soup

Soup is a healthy thing in itself. If you are sick, a cup of soup can refresh you. You can add mint to your soup to increase the taste and healthy ingredients of your soup.

3. Mint Lassi

Combine curd and mint and use it to make wonderful lassi. Blend the curd with fresh mint leaves, black salt, sugar and cumin seeds. This tangy and refreshing drink will make you fall in love with its taste.

4. Add to salad

Mint may be better for your salad because of its fresh flavor. Apart from this, you can add cucumber and pomegranate seeds to make your salad even better.

5. Mint Mojito

If you want to try something new, then you can make a mojito of mint and drink it. It is also easy to make and does not take much time. You can give it to your guests in exchange for a soft drink.

6. Mint Sauce

Who does not like mint sauce? You can make its sauce and include it in your diet. You can mix the sauce in a sandwich and eat it. Other spices can be added along with it, which leads to more nutritional value.


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