Best Health Benefits of Strawberries

Best Health Benefits of Strawberries: Very few people know that strawberry was found in 1750 in France as a breed of Brittany. Earlier, not many people used to consume it, due to this, it was produced in limited quantities but then later it was also produced commercially. Today, strawberries are being consumed more. The sweet taste and juicy texture of the strawberries will surely make you fall in love with them, seeing that its bright red color before eating will make you want it.

Strawberry is the only fruit in which seeds are outside instead of inside. Strawberry’s attractiveness and attractive texture and succulent taste make it the most famous and most distinct of all the fruits. You can also use it in foods like ice cream, jelly, jam, syrup, chocolate and etc. Strawberries, whether fresh or stored, always have attractive healthy properties, which will surely surprise you.

Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries are the best source of vitamins C and K as well as Folic Acid, Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium. Along with getting 49 calories in a cup of strawberries, they also contain less sugar and are also a good source of dietary fiber. Also, good amounts of Phytonutrients and Flavonoids are found in strawberries.

1. Reduces Heart Diseases

The Flavonoids found in it reduce the risk of heart disorder in our body and also reduce the evidence of LDL cholesterol and remove the problem of hypertension. It has also been learned by practice that people who consume 2 to 3 strawberries every day have a heart disorder problem reduced by 32%.

2. Develops the Immune System

There is a lot of Vitamin C (113% as per daily requirement), which is more than enough for the body, and due to being high, we also get other benefits. When Vitamin C is consumed in a stressful situation, it has the ability to reduce blood pressure to normal levels, which also reduces the problem of hypertension.

3. Full of Folic Acid

This fruit fills your body with Folate, which is an important part of the folic acid found in foods. If there is not enough Vitamin B in the body, you may have diseases like Vascular Disease, Atherosclerosis, and Disturbances in the digestive system.

4. Develops Bone Health

It contains Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin K, which is very important to increase the strength of our bones and keep them healthy.

5. Eliminates Wrinkle

Along with Biotin, the element required for good hair and nails is found in strawberries, which contain the Antioxidant Ellagic Acid. Which protects our body’s flexible fibers and makes our skin young.

6. Healthy Digestion, and Reduces Fat

Strawberries are full of fiber, which is why strawberries keep our intestines healthy. Anthocyanin, a red-colored antioxidant, is also found in strawberries, reducing the excess fat stored in the body. Nitrate is also found in this excellent fruit, which increases the evidence of Oxygen in the body and increases the speed of blood flow in the body, which reduces our obesity easily.

7. Fights High Blood Pressure

The Potassium, Vasodilator, and Magnesium found in strawberries effectively overcome the problem of high blood pressure. By consuming strawberries daily, it not only prevents hypertension but also increases healthy oxygen in the body by increasing the level of blood flow in the body. So that high blood pressure can be controlled.

8. Esophageal Cancer Prevents

Research has shown that drinking dried strawberry powder mixed with water for six months reduces 80% of cancer cells, and has the potential to prevent Esophageal Cancer.

9. Increases Brain Function

We often blame free radicals for many other problems of aging and the human body. In fact, these problems are caused by reduced brain tissue and weak Neurotransmitters. Whereas Vitamin C and Phytonutrients found in strawberries do react in certain circumstances. Lodin, another nutrient by name, is found abundantly in strawberries, which are helpful in developing the nervous system and brain functions.

10. Beneficial in Arthritis and Gout

Antioxidant-rich strawberries can easily relieve diseases like arthritis and gout. In this fruit, all those compounds are found which can reduce the pain of our body and reduce the problem caused by free radicals. Research has also shown that women who consume 16 or more strawberries a week have very low levels of inflammation. It also reduces the evidence of CRP found in the blood by up to 14%, indicating signs of increased swelling.

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