10 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Figs: Nutrition Information

10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Figs: Nutrition Information: It is believed that fig is one of the oldest fruits found on earth. Figs do not grow throughout the year, so dried figs are mostly used,

10 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Figs: Nutrition Information

which are always available in the market. Figs give a different taste when used in any dish. Do you know how many types and healthy properties of figs are:-

Types of Figs:

There are mainly five types of figs. Each type has its own distinct taste and sweetness:

01. Calimyrna Fig

It is greenish-yellow from outside. Its size is larger than other varieties.

02. Kadota Fig

This fig is green in color and has a purple anal. It is the least sweet of all varieties of figs.

03. Black Mission Fig

Black Mission figs are blackish-purple outside and pink inside.

04. Adriatic Fig

Its outer color is light green and pink inside. It is also called a white fig, and it is the sweetest.

05. Brown Turkey Fig

The outer color of this fig is purple and the anus is red. It tastes lighter and less sweet.

10 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Figs

In this article, we will try to give you more and more information regarding figs. We will explain the benefits of figs for health, how to consume it, and finally its negative aspects.

#1. Cancer

Figs contain a high amount of fiber, which removes the accumulated dirt in the stomach through the stool. Also, figs contain countless small seeds, which contain a lot of mucins. Mucin removes the stomach filth, and fig fruit can significantly reduce the risk of stomach and breast cancer.

#2. Heart Health

When the amount of triglyceride increases in our body, then heart-related diseases start happening. Figs can be consumed to deal with it. Because it has a high amount of antioxidant properties, it helps in removing free radicals from the body, which keeps the blood cells healthy and the amount of triglyceride in the blood is low and the heart starts functioning properly. Due to which the risk of heart disease decreases to some extent.

#3. Digest Increases Strength

Figs have high amounts of fiber, such as figs contain 5 grams of fiber in three pieces, which is able to meet 20% of the daily requirement. Its regular intake provides relief from constipation and stomach problems.

#4. Antioxidants

Dried figs are rich in antioxidants. According to one study, natural figs have fewer antioxidant properties than dried figs. It contains more antioxidants than other antioxidants.

#5. Sore Throat

Eating it regularly can save you from a sore throat caused by the weather, and if a sore has occurred, eating figs will benefit. Tonsils are also cured by eating it.

#6. Source of Energy

To maintain the energy of the body, it is necessary to include figs in your diet along with food. Figs contain carbohydrates and sugar, which increase the energy in the body manifold, and figs give strength to the body. Weak people should eat figs every day.

#7. Empowers Bones

Excess of salt in food can lead to urinary calcium problems, which helps to deal with the potassium present in figs. Also, it prevents your bones from becoming weak. Because a dried fig contains 3% calcium which helps in fulfilling the calcium requirement of the body. Together with other calcium-rich foods, it provides strength to bones.

#8. Helps in Weight Loss

If you are thinking about losing weight, you can take the help of figs. Figs are a high amount of fiber as well as low in calories. A piece of fig contains 47 calories and fat is 0.2 grams. Consuming figs reduces appetite, which helps you avoid overeating. Consumption of figs improves the level of metabolism in the body and also reduces excess fat stored in the body.

#9. Improves Reproductive Health

While the use of figs can cure all kinds of diseases, it can increase fertility and sexual power. Fig is a fruit rich in calcium, iron, potassium magnesium, essential minerals, and zinc. With the help of which, androgen and estrogen hormones which increase sexual stamina are produced. Due to which fertility also increases. Some people believe that eating figs also cures infertility.

#10. High Blood Pressure

If you take more salt in the diet then it helps in increasing the level of sodium in the body. This worsens the balance of sodium-potassium levels in the body, which increases the risk of high blood pressure. Figs help maintain this balance because a dried fig contains 129 mg of potassium and 2 mg of sodium.

Use of Figs

  • It is important to wash the figs thoroughly before eating.
  • You can eat it like this or you can eat it by peeling.
  • You can also mix figs in your food and eat them.
  • Dry figs are hot, so keep it soaked in water overnight and consume it on an empty stomach the next morning.

Disadvantages of Eating Figs

Overeating figs can cause harm. Its effect is hot, so there is a possibility of bleeding from the nose by eating more.

Eating more can lead to weight gain.

Excessive intake can cause teeth to deteriorate.

There may be abdominal pain.

Overeating can cause diarrhea.

Patients with sugar and allergies should consult a doctor before eating it.

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